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Home Design with Furry Friends in Mind

Pets fill our homes with love, loyalty, and joy. They make us laugh with their bizarre quirks and touch our hearts with their keen understanding of human emotion. Being a pet owner is a lifestyle and ensuring the design of your home matches the needs of you and your tail-wagging companion is important to consider when given the opportunity to design, or redesign, your home.

Having a pet shouldn’t mean waving goodbye to elevated design. These are three critical questions to consider that will help you elegantly reclaim your living space while enhancing your pet’s home experience and your own.

Question #1: Does your pet have free range of the home or do they need a contained area?

The beginning of the design process is the best time to discuss all the ways you and your pets use your home. Maybe you don’t want Daisy in the dining room during dinner, or Buddy burrowing through bedrooms when everyone is out of the house. Understanding these expectations early in the design process means we can tailor your home to your needs. Through this planning, we incorporate architectural elements that enhance the experience of your home while also creating a space that works for your lifestyle.

Two common canine-friendly home additions are pet gates and Dutch doors. With thoughtful design, gates can add a beautiful touch to a room without even being recognized for their intended purpose. Dutch doors come with versatility. Close both sections when you’re looking for privacy or leave the top section open when you want to keep an eye on your pet or just need a quick sectioned-off area of your home for muddy paws.

Question #2: What does bath time look like?

Every other facet of caring for your companion comes with great joy, but bath time can be a struggle without a dedicated washing area. Even if your pet is well behaved and loves baths, bending over for a prolonged amount of time is likely to leave you with a backache for days.  For this reason, we pay particular attention to grooming needs.

If you don’t like sending Gracie to the groomer and plan to bathe her yourself, we want to make sure you are both comfortable, so bubble-time is a breeze. Having a dedicated pet shower, or even a dedicated animal zone in your home, makes regular bath time much easier.

Animal showers can be designed with a raised platform for smaller pets allowing you to quickly wash them without bending over. For large pets, especially for big dog breeds, a walk-in shower with retractable faucets help to contain the craziness that may come when bath time begins. This design allows you to avoid lifting them into and out of the wash area or wrestle them to keep them in the shower. If you’re upgrading to a dog shower from outdoor hose baths, then you’ll have the added benefit of being able to adjust the water temperature. When bath time is over, having a contained dog area allows them to step right out of the shower and into a part of the house where they can air-dry without getting the rest of the house wet in the process.

Question #3: What kind of outdoor access do you want your pet to have?

A third major design element to consider is the kind of outdoor access you want your pets to have. Can Bailey bounce in and out of the house as he pleases? Is Piper not to put a paw anywhere near your garden?

At the beginning of our design process, we start with a master plan – an overhead view of the layout of the property. With a general idea of outdoor space, we are able to designate if pets will have access to roam the landscape as they wish, or if there should be designated spaces for them to explore. By incorporating these areas, like wide open dog runs or covered patios, specifically with pets in mind, we are able to ensure an elevated experience within the other spaces reserved for homeowners’ exclusive use.

Accessing these pet-centric spaces could mean considering the placement of a pet door. By incorporating a pet door in the initial design, it helps to plan out the dog-specific areas of the home, both inside and out. Deciding the location of these spaces also allows us to ensure there are plenty of windows in the design that allow supervision while furry friends frolic.

A home for every member of your family

Every family has a unique lifestyle, with differing personal style preferences, interests, and needs. At Period Architecture, we work early in the design process to learn about your family’s lifestyle to create a design best suited for your needs, without sacrificing style or comfort. Many families we work with have busy lives with children and a four-legged friend running around their yards. Our team considers the needs of every one of your family members, including the furry ones, throughout the design process to compose a home experience that you will enjoy for years to come.