Pennstone Residence in Bryn Mawr

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Poised on a tranquil wooded lot along Philadelphia’s Main Line in Bryn Mawr, PA, this 1930 Georgian presented a unique opportunity to expand the home’s living space while minimally impacting its overall footprint. An addition to this well-appointed home incorporates features that are often missing in older structures, but prerequisite for today’s lifestyle: a family room and master suite awash in natural light, ancillary storage and support spaces, indoor-outdoor living, and a two-car garage, as well as an updated exterior that enhances curb appeal and blends seamlessly with the residence’s original framework.

The success of this design rests heavily on the harmonious incorporation of vintage with modern. On the exterior, this is achieved through the careful matching of the home’s heirloom elements, such as the aged whitewashed brick and traditional woodwork shared between both the original home and addition. New details - copper roofing and downspouts, terracotta chimney pots, and wrought-iron railings - were crafted using classical materials to match the period of the home. Updated landscaping complements the home’s architecture and softens hard edges to create the illusion of a home that was long ago carved into, and then enveloped by, the surrounding landscape.

Township guidelines and floodplain restrictions limited areas of extension to this residence. The addition needed to fit within constrained boundaries while still meeting the expectations and needs of the homeowners and increasing livable square footage. With a significant slope to be accounted for in its siting, a cantilevered annex offered a striking solution. This dramatic layout allows for exterior ingress and egress to both stories of the addition, as well as a full walk-out basement and two-car garage. The sound structural engineering of the cantilever design provides additional square footage in the top-floor living spaces, while also sheltering the garage below.

From its handsome facade, to its many expertly crafted and executed details and studied material palette, the Pennstone Residence leaves an indelible architectural mark on this charming neighborhood.

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