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Small Features, Big Impact

Designing a custom home, renovation, or addition gives you the opportunity to take full control of your future living space. From the big details down to the tiniest features, you have the ability to tailor your space in a way that complements your lifestyle and transforms your house into your home.

However, the most impactful design decisions often come from the seemingly small, personal touches that are added with careful consideration. From monograms and millwork to dovecotes and cupolas, we are highlighting six details that will enhance the personality of your home.


Monograms allow your family to leave an elegant, personal mark on your home for future generations. Traditionally, monograms were used on cloth or furniture, but there are also creative ways to permanently incorporate monograms into the home itself. This can include adding your family’s initials to wood, metal, or tiled elements of your home.

Multipurpose Millwork

Looking at the millwork in your home with a critical eye could allow you to take something of utility and transform it into a design statement. Whether camouflaging doors, appliances, entertainment equipment, or extra storage space, multipurpose millwork allows you limitless possibilities in your home. This could include hidden doors that close off a room when needed or neatly tuck away to open a space. Multipurpose millwork is all about versatility in design.


Despite their beauty, beams in early homes were functional in nature — they were a critical structural component to a sturdy home. If you enjoy the charm of ceiling beams, there are ways to incorporate beams in a purely decorative way. An array of styles ranges from reclaimed hand-hewn beams and re-sawn beams to new wood and painted beams. Whichever style you choose, beams are a design detail that can speak volumes. Beams can lend a deep rustic energy to a home, bring a sense of strength to a room when precisely cut or painted, or create drama in a formal space when added to vaulted ceilings.

Fireplace Design

Fireplaces add warmth to a space both figuratively and functionally. They act as a centerpiece for design and can dictate the overall experience of a room. For example, a graceful, polished fireplace can emphasize a formal space, while a cozy, rustic one creates a relaxed environment. Fireplaces are also versatile and can be designed for almost any room in the house including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.


Cupolas were traditionally used on barn roofs to help keep everything inside cool and dry, especially hay. In recent times, cupolas are also used as a creative way to bring more character to a home. Cupolas can be designed with glass windowpanes to allow more light into a room, adorned with shapes that echo the architectural style of the house, or topped with weathervanes or finials that show off the personality and interests of the homeowners. If you are considering adding a cupola to your home, be sure to have fun with the design.

Gable Details

Many design features that we see in homes today originated from a practical need. Louvered vents were traditionally used for attic ventilation and airflow regulation, while dovecotes created small nooks to house domesticated messenger birds. When detailing gables, the incorporation of an overhang, louvered vent, or dovecote can help bring additional charm and character to your home’s exterior. While these elements may be used purely for ornamentation, present-day interpretations of traditional design details can still serve a functional purpose, such as holding modern mechanical systems or creatively hiding attic vents and other small spaces created by pitched roofs.

A simple touch goes a long way

At Period, our design team works closely in collaboration with homeowners to incorporate thoughtful architectural details into the home. Sometimes the seemingly small design decisions are the ones that can tailor a home the most, so don’t underestimate the power of simple touches to elevate your home from a good design to a great design. Thoughtful personalization is one of many bespoke characteristics that contribute to making your house feel like a home.